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Asus rt-n10u. Introduction. External design and hardware. Firmware upgrade. Web-interface review. Utilities. Command line interface review. Testing. Conclusion. Introduction. Wireless routers asus rt-n10, rt-n10 ver. B, rt-n10+ and rt-n10u are low-cost devices available to any user. The specific peculiarity of the whole range of rt-n10x is the simultaneous support of some wireless nets that allows separating native and guest traffic in the wireless segment. Asus rt-n10u stands out among its counterparts due to the existence of a usb 2. 0 port. Let's give it a detailed look. External design and hardware. Wireless router rt-n10u is designed in a white plastic case. We have already seen such a case with another asus device – dsl-g31, however there are some differences. The dimensions are 173*130*35 mm excluding antenna. On the top panel of the device there is a vent grate and an embossed vendor name. On the bottom of rt-n10u there are four rubber stands to put the router on a table. Moreover here you will find two t-shaped holes for the device to be mounted on the wall. The information sticker contains the parameters of an appropriate power adapter (12b and 1a), the device model, its mac-address, pin-code, serial number, the default ip-address, etc. The vent grates occupy the greater part of the bottom. The side parts also contain vent holes and a decorative grey stripe running on the router front panel where, besides the vendor information and the model, the following indicator lights are placed: power, wan, lan1-4, wlan, wps and usb. The functions of all the indicators are standardized, therefore the blink of wps led informs the user of the same workflow ( wi-fi protected setup), that allows creating wireless nets in the semiautomatic mode. On the back side there are fast ethernet ports (wan, lan1, lan2, lan3 and lan4), wps and reset buttons, power and external antenna slots, usb and an on/off button. Despite rt-n10u has only usb 2. 0, its color can confuse the user because the plastic insert inside the plug is blue. According to the vendor's announcement since 2012 rt-n10u wireless router will come in an upgraded case. Now let's take a look inside the device. Asus rt-n10u consists of the only one green textolite board. The most part of the logics is concentrated in broadcom bcm5356u soc chip, that functions as cpu mips74k (333 mhz), fast ethernet switch with five ports, wi-fi controller, works on 802. 11b/g standards and has one 802. 11n Объявления о продаже и покупке б/у автомобилей skoda. Автобазар шкода. Купить б/у skoda, объявления шкода, цены. Подписаться: рассылка по. channel support. Ram is presented by an esmt module m13s2561616a with capacity of 32 mbytes. The flash-memory is presented by winbond 25q64b with the volume of 8 mbytes. Let's turn to the software component of the device. Firmware upgrade. The firmware upgrade procedure is performed manually with the help of the «firmware upgrade» item in the «administration» group. The procedure itself is traditionally simple – you must only choose a file with the image of a new baby hit vip купить firmware and click «upload». The whole upgrade process takes not more than three minutes. Besides default firmware there is also rt-n10u support from dd-wrt. The transition procedures to dd-wrt firmware and backward are traditional and thoroughly described in the manuals. We'd successfully updated to the mini-version and installed some more functional firmware with openvpn support. Besides dd-wrt there are some alternative firmwares for the given wireless router. The project vectormm. Net is among them. It must be mentioned that with the help of alternative firmware it's possible to connect to rt-n10u not only printers or mfp, but also the whole range of other devices including flash-cards, web-cameras, 3/4g modems, etc. Moreover in some short time asus-wrt firmware is about to come out. The detailed information about it is kept in secret yet. After all the experiments we returned to the original firmware and started to examine its functions. Web-interface review. The access via http can be accomplished with the help of any modern browser by addressing to 192. 168. 1. 1. Upon successful authentication the user finds himself on the main page of the device. The device web-interface is available in eleven languages: english, chinese, malaysian, german, polish, russian, thai, turkish, french and czech. Asus rt-n10u peculiar trait in comparison with other wireless devices of other series is simultaneous support of four wireless segments. It must be mentioned that at the moment of writing the article the vendor allowed only connecting printers via usb, 3g/4g modems and external data media were not supported. The function quick internet setup gives the user an opportunity for quick configuration of the router network settings. In a nutshell, let's look through the extra settings hidden in the left menu. The «wireless» group allows configuring the wi-fi module work parameters Продажа skoda на rst. Здесь покупают и продают, свои автомобили, владельцы skoda. Если вы намерены продать свою skoda, или купить skoda.. Nevertheless, though rt-n10u supports four wireless segments, the «general» tab in the «wireless» group contains only the settings of the main net. Rt-n10u allows setting the work time of the wireless and the maximum speed for the multicast frames. The same settings of the rest of wireless segments can be performed with the help of the web-interface main page. The «lan» group allows the administrator to configure not only ip-address and the чай пиала купить mask of lan-interface, but to indicate the parameters of dhcp-server as well. We should point out that in the dhcp offers there can be transmitted a gateway ip-address that will differ from lan-interface of the wireless router. Above all, asus rt-n10u supports the static routes, multicast routing and getting the route information via dhcp-protocol from the provider. We can't help mentioning the opportunity of watching iptv on pc with the help of iptv udp multicast http proxy option. The connection settings, quality of service parmeters, virtual server options and the port triggering, dmz and ddns are collected in the tabs of the «wan» group. Asus rt-n10u supports the following provider connection variants: dynamic and static ip, pppoe, l2tp and pptp. If the provider offers the iptv service with the use of all corresponding set-top boxes, the option «choose iptv stb port» allows showing the port to which such set-top box is connected. During large amount of data transmission the router can fragment the data batch to reduce some other transmitted data delay. The available bandwitdth can also be divided between the traffic of various applications: games, internet applications, aidisk, voip and video streams, p2p-clients; but as a matter of fact, such configuration is executed by the «ezqos bandwidth management» menu item. The tabs of the «firewall» group provides the user with the opportunity to configure the filters on the base of url, mac or ip-addresses. Besides, the «general» tab contains the parameters for accepting or blocking the access from the external nets to the device, and for enabling or disabling the dos-attack protection. The change of the administrator password, syncronisation parameters configuration with the help of ntp, firmware upgrade and user settings restoration/saving/reset is done with the help of the tabs in the «administration» group. By the way, the latest russian governmental acts connected with the summer/winter time abolishment haven't been taken into consideration in rt-n10u's web-interface yet. There's also no cyrillic domains support, which means that the syncronisation of time, for example, with the server время. Провайдер. Рф will fail. The firmware version 7. 1. 1. 1. 32 already supports the time zone gmt +04:00 for moscow and st. Petersburg. All the rest time zones in russia were updated as well. The log of the system, wireless connections, dhcp demon, the information about ports forwarding and the routing table are shown in the tabs of the «system log» group. It should be noted that the information on the «routing table» tab in the «system log» group can be different from the settings put in the «route» tab in the «lan» group as the route information can be also received from the provider via dhcp. This brings us to the end of our brief web-interface review. Now let's turn to Выбираем б\у авто Skoda Octavia A5 (бюджет 650-700тр) - YouTube the features of some utilities desighed for working with asus rt-n10u. Utilities. From the vendor's web-site we have downloaded the utilities kit ut_rt_n56u_4196, that might have been assembled from the package for rt-n56u. During the installation our anti-virus utility protecting the test computer, showed the message about the hidden driver download relevant for the process of asus devices search on the local net. For the proper work of the program such installation should be allowed. The utillity kit contains the following program products: device discovery, firmware restoration, router setup wizard and wps wizard. Let's look through each program functions. Device discovery utility allows detecting asus wireless devices in a local segment of the net and switching to their configuration through the browser. We must say that it's possible to connect only usb-printers to rt-n10u, as long as other devices lack support. However we tried to connect the external hard drive to the device usb-port. Evidently, the disk had no reflection in the router web-interface, but the device discovery utility gave us the information about such connection. By the way, at the moment of device discovery use the disk had been already disconnected from rt-n10u that was reloaded beforehand. We couldn't help but capture the device discovery communication with the router. To detect the connected routers broadcast sending of udp-datagrams is performed from port 9999 to the same 9999. The response of the device is received in the same broadcasting manner with the use of the same ports. In case of some failed firmware asus rt_n10u can turn the rescue mode where there will be no access to the web-interface. To restore the firmware is feasible with firmware restoration utility that searches for asus wireless routers working in the rescue mode. The recovery process itself is extremely simple, you just have to choose a file with the right firmware version and to click the button «upload». The procedure takes approximately three minutes. The search is realized by the broadcasting request of reading the file asusspacelink1 Объявления о продаже б/у skoda в москве от официального дилера рольф. Цены на подержанные автомобили шкода: легко выбрать и купить skoda.. Asus rt-n10u can be artificially switched to the rescue mode by holding the button reset while switching on the device till the moment of power indicator to start blinking slowly. In the utility kit for the wireless router asus rt-n10u there are two wizard-utilities to simplify the configuration: wps wizard and router setup wizard. The first one is used to manage the wireless connections, it allows pointing out the name of the net (ssid) and the key-phrase after which it will be possible to save or to print the performed settings. More than that, when the wireless connection is configured, wps wizard allowes the user to choose the certain provider in russia and to apply the settings for connection to it. The option that allows choosing the provider we consider to be very useful for beginning users. Router setup wizard lets even a beginner connect the router to the wireless net and it greatly resembles the previous utility. When the article was almost finished on the vendor’s site we found a new utility for simplifying the printer connection. We took our old epson stylus color 880, connected it to rt-n10u via usb and launched the utility asus printer setup that found our printer and connected it to the pc without any problems. After this the operating system just had to download the drivers for it. The entire installation process took no more than one minute. Now let's move to the section for advanced users – the router command line review. Command line interface review. The access to asus rt-n10u via telnet protocol is prohibited on default. To allow this access you must use the hidden page main_admstatus_content. Asp that will give you the right to run the commands of the built-in operation system. Launching of the telnet daemon is realized by telnetd call. In the firmware 7. 1. 1. 1. 32 default configurations the telnet daemon is automatically on. The login and password for access via telnet are equal to the ones used in the web-interface. It's important that changing the password in the device web-interface doesn't lead to the instant change of data for console sessions. Password update of the access via telnet will take place only after the wireless router reboot. The operating system of rt n10u is linux 2. 6. 22 and busybox 1. 7. 2 with a greater quantity of supported programs. Rt-n10ulogin: admin новый кадиллак эскалейд купить в москве password: busyboxv1. 7. Skoda Oktavia. Как снять бампер, фары. Лючок или что отдать на . 2 (2011-06-22 11:20:45 cst) built-inshell (ash) enter 'help' foralistofbuilt-in commands. # busybox busybox v1. 7. 2 (2011-06-22 11:20:45 cst) multi-call binary copyright (c) 1998-2006 erik andersen, rob landley, and others. Licensed under gplv2. See source distribution for full notice. Usage: busybox [function] [arguments]. Or: [function] [arguments]. Busybox is a multi-call binary that combines many common unix utilities into a single executable. Most people will create a link to busybox for each function they wish to use and busybox will act like whatever it was invoked as!. Currently defined functions: [, [[, arp, ash, basename, cat, chmod, chpasswd, clear, cp, cut, df, dirname, dmesg, du, echo, egrep, env, expr, false, fgrep, find, free, grep, halt, head, hostid, id, ifconfig, insmod, ip, kill, killall, klogd, less, login, logread, ls, lsmod, mkdir, mkfifo, mknod, more, mount, mv, netstat, passwd, ping, ping6, pivot_root, poweroff, printf, ps, pwd, rdate, reboot, reset, rm, rmdir, rmmod, route, sh, sleep, sysctl, syslogd, tail, telnet, telnetd, test, top, touch, traceroute, true, umount, uname, uptime, usleep, wget, xargs, yes # cat /proc/version linux version 2. 6. 22 ([email protected]software-vm) (gcc version 4. 1. 2) #26 wed jun 22 11:11:53 cst 2011. With the help of ps command let's see what processes are operating at the moment. # ps pid uid vsz stat command 1 admin 2720 s /sbin/preinit 2 admin sw< [kthreadd] 3 admin swn [ksoftirqd/0] 4 admin sw< [events/0] 5 admin sw< [khelper] 23 admin sw< [kblockd/0] 45 admin sw [pdflush] 46 admin sw [pdflush] 47 admin sw< [kswapd0] 48 admin sw< [aio/0] 49 admin sw< [cifsoplockd] 50 admin sw< [cifsdnotifyd] 585 admin sw< [mtdblockd] 1800 admin 2712 s detect_internet 1803...

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